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Serving thousands of companies around the world, ActionCOACH delivers business mentoring through proven development systems to TIA UK Members.

A simple and systemised approach to business has benefited business owners around the world with more time, better teams within their companies, and most importantly - more money.

The TIA UK has teamed up with Lee Dickinson, a certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH, the World's no 1 Business Coaching Franchise, to provide business mentoring as part of Members' broadening package of professional benefits.

Lee Dickinson works with clients in five key areas: Sales; Marketing and Advertising; Team Building and Recruitment; Systems and Business Development; and, Customer Service.

ActionCOACH is the World's no 1 Business Coaching Franchise which, since 1997, operates through more than 1,200 offices in 46 countries.

TIA UK Members have access to special discounts following a free, no obligation coaching consultation.

For more information, Members Click Here while others can learn more by visiting

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