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Prince Global Sports has renewed an enduring commitment to achieve heights matched only by the shadow we have cast in over four decades of tennis. A commitment to our retailers who know better than anyone that change is sometimes hard, but with patience and perseverance, change is what ultimately leads to success. 

A commitment to our people; those that have tirelessly pioneered firsts in tennis, from the first oversized racquet to revolutionary string and game changing materials.

A commitment to our teaching pros who don’t just build our brand, but build the future of the sport we love.

A commitment to all of our players; the ones that play on tour as well as the weekend warriors. And, finally a commitment to our brand, the brand that has come to symbolize what is pure and perfect about this game.

The Prince name is synonymous with tennis excellence with a trademark that is one of the most prestigious and recognized in the sporting goods industry today.

Product Range includes tennis racquets (performance, club, junior, play & stay); tennis balls; tennis footwear; tennis accessories;

For further information on Prince strings, grips and other racquet accessories please contact our UK accessory distributor - Framework UK - on  01730 893 018

Prince. The best is yet to come.

Jon Ballardie
Prince Global Sports Ltd
Prince House, 116 High Street, Hampton Hill, Middlesex TW12 1NT
Phone 020 8973 0310


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