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REBO is taking tennis into non-traditional environments and changing the culture of the sport by getting more people learning and playing the game like so many of today’s pros did – against practice walls.
REBO is the first UK manufacturer of a range of pre-fabricated, high quality, free-standing rebound practice walls with a unique angled face giving a realistic ball trajectory.
Offering a cost effective solution for communities that do not have access to, or space for, a full size tennis court, REBO walls can be installed in hours and located anywhere – school playgrounds, community centres, under flyovers, gardens, within arches or indoors.
Endorsed by former Fed Cup Captain Judy Murray and Davis Cup Captain Leon Smith, REBO provides training and on-going support as part of its integrated offering to ensure clients get the most out of their REBO wall.

Adrian Hutchins
CEO & Founder, REBO wall Ltd

Phone: 0800 302 9292 
Mobile: 07780 688822 


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