Thirty30 Tennis

Thirty30 (T30) tennis is an abbreviated format of tennis where every point really counts and can be described as the tennis equivalent of cricket’s Twenty20 (T20).

Thirty30 tennis:

The fundamentals of traditional tennis remain the same, i.e. sets to 6 games (lead by 2) and Ad points are played. Matches are:

Traditional tennis rules apply except:

Testimonial March 2018: Jim Baugh, President, Tennis Industry Association (2004-06), Florida, USA:

“Every traditional sport needs to change and look for new ways to make the game more appealing to today’s players or potential players. Thirty30 looks like a system which will appeal to players and offers shorter and more intense matches. Alternative forms of tennis are needed for sure and Mark’s system seems to be a winner.”

Mark Milne - Creator of Thirty30 tennis

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