Business of Tennis Webinars 2021

Following the success of its webinar series in 2020, TIA UK is delivering a new series of ‘Business
of Tennis’ videos for 2021. The first 3 of these are detailed below and registration is now open!
Please note that each webinar broadcast has a limit of 100 participants so register now!

How to ACE your brand protection

Broadcast date: Wednesday April 14th at 11.30 a.m.

Presented by Desiree Fields, Legal Director at DLA Piper, this webinar will look at the importance
of trade marks and brand protection in tennis and considers the basics and some of the common
pitfalls in this area. Desiree will identify what the real value is for products and services in the
tennis industry and how clubs and venues can increase their competitive edge through trade
marks. This webinar will be of interest to companies working in the tennis industry and to tennis
clubs and venues that wish to maximise their USPs

See this webinar on YouTube

De-mystifying Racket Strings

Broadcast date: Wednesday May 19th at 11.30 a.m.

Presented by Mark Goodman of Top Spin Tennis – this is not a ‘how to string’ session, but looks
at tennis strings as the fastest growing part of the industry and what the key considerations are
for juniors, adult and older players. What are different string types and the importance of string
tension in modern rackets. There is also an introduction into racket customisation and tuning to
meet modern player requirements. This webinar will interest players, coaches and clubs.

See this webinar on YouTube

The State of Tennis

Broadcast date: Wednesday June 16th at 4.00 p.m.

Presented by John Bushell, SMS INC. John will provide a sales of rackets update in the context of
participation and whether people are buying more product and the impact of new players in the
market place. He will consider attitudes to brands and also provide a USA perspective and
comparison to assess how well British tennis is doing! Anyone interested in the health of UK
tennis business should watch this video!

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Further webinars will be announced later in the year. Please note that with the exception of ‘The
State of Tennis’ all videos will subsequently be available via the TIA UK’s You Tube channel

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