Thirty30 Tennis delivers “Shorter More Dynamic Tennis” Logo

Thirty30 Tennis delivers “Shorter More Dynamic Tennis”

April 11, 2019

Mark Milne, creator of Thirty30 Tennis, has been getting thumbs up from many leading tennis figures around the world.

Thirty30 (T30) tennis is an abbreviated format of tennis where every point really counts and can be described as the tennis equivalent of cricket’s Twenty20 (T20).

Chiltern Sports to supply Padel courts in the UK Logo

Chiltern Sports to supply Padel courts in the UK

March 22, 2019

TIA UK Partner member Chiltern Sports Contractors are delighted to have signed an exclusive agreement with Spanish Padel Court manufacturer “Rigan Sports” for the supply and installation of their padel courts in the UK.


Wilson Sporting Goods introduces The Clash® Performance Tennis Racket Collection

March 21, 2019

Wilson Sporting Goods Co., the world’s leader in high performance tennis gear, announced today the introduction of the all-new Clash tennis racket collection. This line, three years in the making, is the first to feature rackets explicitly created for the modern tennis swing by flexing (yes, flexing), without compromising stability or power. 


New members for TIA UK

January 30, 2019

A diverse range of members have joined the TIA UK in the past few months demonstrating the breadth of the tennis family now belonging to the industry body.


Are you helping to improve UK tennis?

January 24, 2019

The biennial UK Tennis Innovation Awards will be open for business on February 1st 2019. If you have a product or service that is making a positive impact to the delivery or presentation of tennis you should enter the TIA UK’s Innovation Awards this year.


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