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The annual Tennis Club Business Report aims to get a better understanding of the factors that impact upon the success of tennis clubs and over time, develop a set of key business benchmarks for the tennis club sector. 

The first year’s report on key sector trends was published in February and this is an opportunity to participate in year 2.

TO TAKE PART IN YEAR 2 OF THE PROJECT CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR CLUB’S INTEREST. (We will advise you when the 2020 survey goes live and provide you with the appropriate link)

The project runs for 5 years and the first year has compiled business-related trends and data from 15 of the top tennis clubs in England, representing over 25,000 tennis players.  The project has set a target of 100 clubs participating by year five as the value of benchmarking increases as more clubs participate and more insight is gained.

The survey for the second year will be available on-line in late Autumn with the results to be published in February 2020. The survey will take approximately 60 minutes to complete and clubs will be given 4 weeks to complete it. 

There is no cost to participate and each club will be given a free copy of the 2020 report when published. All responses will be held in the strictest confidence and we will maintain the anonymity of the participating clubs. 

The scope of the survey includes questions such as turnover v membership; tennis v total membership; pricing levels; activity growth/decline; facility scope and planned development; food and beverage profitability; retail activity; workforce and systems; key expenditure ratios; opportunities and threats.

As one of the clubs involved in the first year commented, “..this is the best, most relevant piece of work done in the sector that I have seen.”

The project is managed by the TIA UK and supported by TIA UK member SMS INC, the leading sports research company that has over 30 years experience working with a range of tennis clients. 

For a copy of the initial presentation setting out the objectives of the Benchmarking Project CLICK HERE

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