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Exclusive quality products and services for LTA registered tennis clubs at great discounts.

ADvantage has been developed in partnership with the LTA has launched ‘ADvantage’ for tennis clubs, offering a variety of quality court equipment and services at discounted and preferential rates, delivered exclusively by TIA UK members. 

All ‘ADvantage’ products are being offered to registered clubs at a minimum discount of 20% off the RRP.

Further products will be added to the ADvantage brochure on a regular basis and the TIA UK will be working with the LTA to ensure its on-going promotion within the tennis club sector.

Companies providing products and services for ADvantage include Edwards, Harrod/sportsequip, Kollectaball, Stadia Sports, Sunbaba, Twisternet and Control Costs.

Only TIA UK members can promote and sell their products in ‘ADvantage’

Only LTA registered clubs can take ‘ADvantage’ of the discounts offered

Download your copy now (PDF 8.1MB).

If you want to promote your company and products to tennis clubs through this initiative, contact for more information on how to join the TIA UK. 

Tennis Club Business Benchmarking Project

At the Business of Tennis Forum in October 2018 an exciting new project was launched by the TIA UK for tennis clubs. The ‘Tennis Club Business Benchmarking Project’ aims to get a better understanding of the factors that impact upon the success of tennis clubs and over time, develop a set of key business benchmarks for the tennis club sector. 

The project runs for 5 years and the first year incorporates business-related data from 15 of the top tennis clubs in England, representing over 25,000 tennis players.  The value of benchmarking increases as more clubs participate and more insight is gained. TIA UK has set a target of 100 clubs participating by year five of the project. 

The first yearly report for 2019 has now been published and some of the key issues highlighted includes the important role of fitness and gyms in supporting tennis activity; the relatively low profitability of food and beverage and retail activity; pricing and membership structure variances; tennis coach recruitment and the suitability of management information systems.

The project is managed by the TIA UK and supported by TIA UK member SMS INC, the leading sports research company that has over 30 years experience working with a range of tennis clients. 

The Tennis Club Business Report 2019 is only available for TIA UK Members. To obtain a hard copy of the report email

Any tennis/multi-sport racquet clubs that wish to participate in the 2020 survey should also contact

For a copy of the initial presentation setting out the objectives of the Benchmarking Project CLICK HERE

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