Tennis Innovation Award 2019

The 2019 Tennis Innovation Award has been launched by the Tennis Industry Association UK, supported by Tennis Threads as its Media Partner.

This is a biennial competition to recognise products, services and ideas that are making the most positive impact to the delivery and presentation in UK tennis. 

The first competition was held in 2017 with fibodo and Zenniz winning the ‘UK-based’ and ‘Overseas’ categories. This time around there will only be one winner of the TIA UK award. This is your chance to promote your innovative product, service, programme or activity to the wider tennis and sports market in the UK. 

All competition entries should have been introduced into the UK no earlier than January 2016. However entries that were submitted for the 2017 competition will again be eligible if they can show improvements to the product or idea with a resulting increase in sales or take-up over the past 2 years.

Entries for the 2019 competition are now open and must be submitted no later than 17.00 Monday 30th September 2019. Details of the information to be submitted can be found at the end of this article.

Details of the Judging Panel will be advised shortly and a short list of entrants may be required to make a ‘Dragons’ Den-type’ presentation to the panel around October 2019. The award will be presented to the winner at the Tennis Industry Xmas Lunch held at The Queen’s Club in December. 

Entries will be judged primarily on 3 key aspects: (1) 50% goes to the creative idea and how it changes the way people engage in tennis; (2) 25% on the execution of the idea; (3) 25% on the communication to its target market. 

The winner will receive a trophy; a feature in the January edition of Tennis Threads magazine; free TIA UK membership for a year; promotional support via TIA UK’s social media platforms and an opportunity to present at the TIA UK’s annual Business of Tennis Forum.  

For further information and queries on the competition please contact Phil Sandilands at the TIA UK

To enter the 2019 competition you should provide the following information in digital form and in hard copy to the following:

(hard copy) to Phil Sandilands, 72 Manor Road South, Esher, Surrey KT10 0QQ

•    Trading name of entry
•    Company/individual owner
•    Address
•    Contact name and details

•    Date the entry commenced marketing in the UK

•    Brief description of what it is and what it does (approx 200 words)

•    Details of UK sales from January 2016

•    Tell us about the creative idea of your entry and in what ways you consider it to be innovative for UK tennis (approx 1000 words)

•    Tell us how you executed / implemented your idea into production (as applicable) and any challenges you have had to overcome to get it to market (approx 500 words)

•    Tell us what you have done to market your entry to your target market (approx 500 words)

•    Tell us about feedback you have had from your target market, potential sales and testimonials

•    Provide us with any marketing or other literature / supporting material you think would be useful in assessing your entry

Entries should be submitted no later than 17.00 Monday September 30th 2019

All information provided will be confidential and shared only with the Judges for the purposes of assessing the entry.

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