Bridome was set up in May 1986 to provide high quality low cost facilities to tennis clubs, commercial operators and local authorities.  The airhalls supplied conform to the latest LTA specifications set and also to the specifications for academy and training facilities set out for the Football Association.

Bridome is the largest supplier of double skin airhalls in the UK.  Each airhall is made to measure and the specification depends on the requirements of the client. Visits to these locations can be easily arranged in consultation with Bridome.

One of the most important features of the Bridome airhall is the double-skin, which is unlike other inflatable structures as it is designed to have a double-skin right down to the court surface, which provides optimum insulation properties as well as excellent acoustics.

Various profiles of curvature can be constructed to give maximum usable playing area in restricted dimensions.  The dome can be taken down for the Summer period and storage covers provided to protect the membrane.  Bridome airhalls have a life expectation of 15-20 years.

Bridome works with all recognised court constructors and is a founder member of SAPCA.

Our most recent installations include:

Reeds School, the leading independent school in Cobham, Surrey – the air supported structure over three courts was constructed within 11 weeks of breaking ground and was opened in November 2014  by Tim Henman, who was a pupil at the School.

David Lloyd Leisure, Newbury – DLL’s prestigious new club at Newbury chose Bridome, the UK premier airhall supplier to provide a new three court airhall in December 2015.

All indoor tennis will be played in the airhall which provides a carefully designed three court area to cater for tennis squads covered playing and competition.

West Hants Club, Bournemouth

A two court double skin airhall was installed at West Hants Club, Bournemouth in September 2016, adding to the first airhall supplied over 10 years ago.

The Bridome double skin airhall supplied to Donnybrook Tennis Club in Dublin in January2017 has now been opened by Government Minister Eoghan Murphy.

The double skin airhall gives Donnybrook three covered courts which will allow their members to play under controlled conditions during the winter months.  The airhall has the latest LED lighting giving players glare free high quality consistent lights – at an economic cost.

Bryan O’Rourke from Donnybrook mentioned:

“For many years Donnybrook has been looking forward to covered facilities – it has now happened.  The excellent Bridome facility is one of the best in Ireland”.  

Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe took delivery of a newly constructed two court double skin airhall in January 2017. The airhall provides two covered courts for the growing tennis academy at the independent school Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe.

“The Bridome airhall had to be constructed to match in with the School surroundings.  By clever design and coloration the two court facility blends well with the rural location”.  The facility was formerly opened in May 2017.

Corby Indoor Tennis Centre – in January 2018 Corby chose Bridome to replace their current airhalls.  We installed two four court double skin airhalls to replace the original ones which were installed in 1991. The new up to date airhalls include our unique LED lighting system and translucent panels.

Bridome has developed a cost-effective solution for providing substantial savings on energy consumption for it courts lighting.  The lighting LED panels are hung from the membrane for better overall light dispersal. LED lights normally produce a saving of 70% on energy usage during the year.

In order to improve the daylight inside the airhall, Bridome is also able to offer translucent panels to allow additional natural lights to filter through the roof panels.

The panels can be placed anywhere in the roof of the dome and are particularly effective where LED lighting is used.

University of Reading – a new three court airhall was installed at University of Reading in August 2018 providing fantastic all year tennis facilities for the students. 

For further information please contact Nigel Geach, Managing Director at Bridome Ltd, or tel. 01932 350365 or visit


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