Lawn Tennis Writers Association (LTWA)

The Lawn Tennis Writers' Association was founded in 1947 to further the interests of Lawn Tennis writers in Great Britain in the days when every national and regional newspaper had a full-time staff tennis correspondent.

Nowadays membership is open to all arms of the media, particularly professional writers, broadcasters and photographers in Great Britain, who cover the sport nationally or internationally.

Membership is divided into two main categories: full members (50 maximum) and associate members. The LTWA is administered by a committee elected each year at the Annual General Meeting held during Wimbledon.

A quarterly bulletin is emailed to all members and the LTWA holds occasional on-the-record lunches with key figures in the sport. In addition, since the late 1950s the LTWA has honoured those who have made a special contribution to British tennis. This is done through the presentation of an award at the LTWA Annual Awards Lunch, at the end of the season, which also now includes a Player of the Year award.

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