Tennis Court Supplies (by Teamgeist Ltd)

We are the UK partner of the German tennis equipment specialist LOB-Sport, bringing their extensive range of tennis court equipment to UK customers. LOB-Sport are one of the leading suppliers of  high quality tennis court products in Europe. 

We stock all major European brands and products including SPEZIALA tennis lines, MATCH LINER line sweepers, ALUPLAN drag mats, PERROT pop-up sprinklers, MATCH POINTER scorers, ARP and NASSAU tennis balls and PLAYMATE ball machines. We supply tennis retailers, tennis clubs, local authorities, National associations, sports clubs and the tennis court construction industry.

Tennis Court Supplies are committed to excellent product advice, customer service, and reliable order processing. Please contact us with any tennis court equipment enquiries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

mail: 31B Princess Road, London, NW6 5QT
phone: 020 3372 5791


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