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Yonex was established in 1946 as a manufacturer of wooden fishing floats. This business enjoyed success for over 10 years until it was overtaken by technological advances. This taught the Yonex founder, Minoru Yoneyama a hard leaned lesson and he vowed never to be left behind by technology again. As a result he started again, producing badminton racquets in 1957.

Yonex diversified into the tennis industry in 1969 with its first aluminium racquet, the T-7000. By 1980 Yonex had signed top tennis players Billy Jean King and Martina Navratilova, who of course would go on to win multiple Grand Slams throughout their careers. One year later, Yonex entered the golf industry developing the first golf club to combine carbon graphite and persimmon.

With Minoru vowing not to be left behind by technology Yonex R&D teams worked restlessly to produce several new innovations to improve the playability of the next range of racquets. This included the ISOMETRIC head shape, which celebrates 25 years being a key component in Yonex racquets along with the Oval Pressed Shaft (OPS), which can still be found in the current range of EZONE and VCORE racquets.

Yonex tour player Martina Hingis became the youngest player to reach world #1 at 16yrs and 6 Months in 1997.  After this other Yonex stars enjoyed Wimbledon successes with Richard Krajicek taking the tile in 1998, later followed by Lleyton Hewitt in 2002.

Yonex works closely with its current top players and Grand Slam champions including; Stanislas Wawrinka, Angielique Kerber, and rising stars Belinda Bencic and Nick Kyrgios to make sure that its racquets, shoes, clothing and equipment continue meet the exacting standards of the modern day player including providing the expert stringing service at the Australian Open as the Official Stringers. This together with its links with performance centres, clubs and coaches around the world enables it to provide the highest quality of equipment, footwear and clothing to enhance the game of players of all levels.

Paul A Jepson
Managing Director
Yonex UK Ltd
Yonex House
74 Wood Lane
White City
London W12 7RH

Tel: 0208 742 9777
Fax: 0208 742 9612

Email: paul@yonexuk.com

Website: www.yonex.co.uk


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