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2018 – a massive year of change for Price of Bath

Louise Price, Managing Director explains in her own words

“2018 is a year of change for us, as well as navigating increased turnover from bespoke balls, we are busy managing our new factory being built just a mile down the road. 

Building work is progressing nicely and we hope to have the externals of the building finished by the end of July. Derek and I are busy planning the new layout of the internals adapting for a modern flow line to increase productivity.  

The internals will be a lengthy and intricate process as we have to keep production running on the other site until we are 100% ready to disconnect and move.

Moving will be a momentous occasion as most of the kit was crane lifted in through the roof and will have to come out the same way, some of it being in situ for well over 50 years. The new site was bought in the 70s ready to expand the business but when our volume tennis orders were lost to the Far East in the early 80s we had to dramatically downsize in order to survive. 

Developing the Mini tennis balls for the LTA and growing the bespoke personalisation side of the business  in the 00s helped sustain us and now being able to reach more markets with the internet has given us a future to plan for and after 80s years of ball making I am immensely proud I have the opportunity to take Price Of Bath into the next chapter of its life”. 


Photo: February when the steels had just gone in – a day we never though would happen after 3 years of planning! Dad, myself and long standing employee Andy.