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£750,000 investment in London tennis courts successfully completed

TIA UK member Will-to-Win together with All Star Tennis has announced the completion of the refurbishment of 40 tennis courts around London with plans for further investment in community tennis facilities. The refurbishment works undertaken in Hyde Park, Regents Park, Chiswick and in parks within Wandsworth has delivered investment of three quarters of a million pounds, cementing Will-to-Win’s place as the leading operator of community outdoor tennis facilities in the capital city.

Will-to-Win, founded in 1997, introduced its first tennis centre at Chiswick House Gardens and now operates 6 major tennis tennis venues in London and a further 6 venues in Wandsworth in partnership with All Star Tennis.

Plans are also in place to add floodlights, Padel Courts and multi-games areas at some of the venues.

Not only has Will-to-Win improved the infrastructure for tennis, it also has delivered opportunities for many more tennis coaches who are able to develop their skills to market and deliver tennis programmes and activities for the local community. 

Steve Riley, Founder and CEO of Will-to-Win states:

“Our goal has always been, and will continue to be, to provide affordable, accessible and welcoming sports facilities & cafes in public parks. We work with over 60 self-employed coaches and employ over 60 support staff to create sporting communities and a sense of belonging – come and see for yourself at one of our 12 venues!” 
All under 15’s are offered free walk-on courts at all Will-to-Win venues between 15.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday. This provides free access to 90 tennis courts across London.

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