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Get set for Player Analysis Technology

The tennis industry is gearing up for a New Year’s revolution with rules allowing the use of Player Analysis Technology.

From January 1, Rule 31 of the International Tennis Federation’s Rules of Tennis will come into effect.

The rule permits smart equipment that allows information about players’ performances to be recorded and viewed in real time.

Player Analysis Technology, or PAT for short, is defined as any equipment that collects, stores, transmits, analyses or communicates information on player performance. That could include items that a player wears, such as a heart-rate monitor or carries onto court such as a racket, or devices located around the court like player tracking systems.

However, the data is considered a coaching aid, and in keeping with Rule 30, can only be used before or after matches. Players will not be able to access PAT-generated information during a match, except when play is suspended and when coaching is permitted.

“When the rules of tennis relating to equipment were written, no-one foresaw the advent of Player Analysis Technology,” Stuart Miller, ITF Executive Director of Science & Technical, said when the rule was approved in the summer. “This new rule is necessary to ensure that all types of Player Analysis Technology are covered.”

Only ITF Approved products will be permitted for use during play. Manufacturers that wish to submit PAT devices for ITF Approval can find more information on the ITF Technical website at or can contact the ITF by email.

The official list of ITF Approved products can be found on the ITF Technical website