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Is TTI the future for UK tennis?

A new member of the TIA UK, Teach Tennis International, has developed a unique digital Mini Tennis coaching syllabus which is now being trialled by the Spanish Tennis federation.

At the recent annual Business of Tennis Forum organised by the TIA UK, Oren Holtzman, Co-Founder and Director of TTI, presented its digital coaching product for 5-10 year olds to the gathered audience.

In the form of an App and a linked website, the TTI Mini Tennis syllabus, authored by Andy Kemp, the other Co-Founder and TTI Director, incorporates 108 meticulously constructed Lesson Plans, combined with over 3,000 illustrative Video clips.  

TTI takes a young player along a rigorous, detailed pathway from first step Red through to final stage Green and onto developmental and performance coaching.

A vital and central component of the TTI syllabus is constant monitoring with continuous Assessment. This guarantees that players build a solid base on identifiable and measured skills.

TTI has been applied over many years, with outstanding success, to the Junior programmes at the Westway Sports Centre, London.  Numbers of participants have increased from 250 to 1,400 and regularly has a waiting list.  Coaches, children and especially parents are delighted with the way the programme has been delivered to support player development. 

Oren Holtzman stated, “Giving young children a thorough grounding in the game will allow them to carry those fundamental skills into adulthood and to enjoy tennis throughout their lives. TTI has also been extensively adopted to produce age group champions and importantly, a previously loss making programme has been converted into one generating significant profits for the venue”.

“The LTA’s main objective is to increase participation in GB and a by-product should be the eventual emergence of more young players able to join the ranks of professionals on the ATP and WTA world circuits. TTI has a proven product to help drive player development and provide a consistent player pathway programme. It is a very exciting time for us” said Andy Kemp. 

This unique coaching product, built with modern-day technology, has caught the attention of not only a number of UK Clubs, who are enjoying extended free trial periods, but also, TTI is delighted to report, the Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) in Madrid.

After a year’s exhaustive trials, the RFET now wishes to roll out a Spanish language version of the TTI product across the whole of Spain.  In addition, it has proposed taking TTI into South America and to other tennis playing nations in the near future.

For further information on TTI and how it will benefit your venue, contact Oren Holtzman on 07969 423365 or email info@teachtennis.net.  Website at www.teachtennis.net