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Murray launches HEAD Graphene XT Radical Series

Andy Murray made a quick trip to London’s Carnaby Street on Thursday to help HEAD promote a futuristic campaign to launch the new Radical Tennis Collection.

Held at the Pro Direct LDN19 store in the heart of the capital’s West End, Murray was en route to the ATP World Tour Finals Draw Ceremony at City Hall.  

The world No.2 talked about his year to date and the upcoming challenge of competing at the ATP World Tour Finals and Davis Cup Final.

“For me the highlight this year has been the Davis Cup. We’re in the final in a couple of weeks time,” he said. “It’ something I never saw myself, or the team, having a chance to win the Davis Cup”.

“I got back from Paris (where he reached the final of ATP Masters 1000 event) on Sunday night and I have been training on clay for the past four days. I go over to The O2 to start training Friday afternoon – Friday evening is my first practice there. As soon as I am done at the Tour Finals which will hopefully be a week on Sunday, if I reach the final that is, then I go straight to Belgium from there and get ready for the clay,

“It’s been a long year, but also I am experiencing things I have never experienced before so I’m also excited and that has given me a lot of motivation over the last couple of weeks. The body feels good, the body feels fresh, and hopefully I can play some good tennis.”

Johan Eliasch, CEO at HEAD, who shared the stage at the event with the world No.2, said of the HEAD Graphene XT Radical Series: “It contains Graphene, the strongest material in the world, which is 200 times stronger than carbon and also the thinnest material that exists because you can break it down to its atomic layers. With that you can create a racket that has extreme power.”

The event was accompanied by an exclusive YouTube video featuring Murray.

“We want to appeal to the young,” Eliasch said, “tennis is too often seen as a sport for older people.”

The Graphene XT Radical racket series is in six models (PRO, MP, MPA, REV PRO, S and LITE). Three of the models come with an adaptive string pattern so players can choose between a 16/16 and a 16/19 string pattern. It also features bags and apparel that will be available in January 2016.

Click here to find out more about the HEAD Graphene XT Radical Series and watch the launch video on Facebook and YouTube