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PlaySight impresses at Indian Wells

Novak Djokovic may have seen the potential in PlaySight when he invested in the tracking technology last year, but his fellow professionals have had the chance to see the technology in action at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells this week.

The technology has been installed on two practice courts at Indian Wells, not only enabling fans to watch their favourite players practise via a live stream online but allowing players to access data from their training session.

“It’s always good to see yourself on camera, I was not used to it as much when I was growing up because we didn’t have the cameras then,” Martina Hingis said. “It’s instant feedback which right away you can try out things, especially on the serve which is my weakest link so I can just adjust some little things and get the percentage up, which helps.

“At first I was a bit [sceptical], I know my strength and weaknesses anyway but after two or three days, people trying it out it got me curious and that’s why I was on court testing it and it’s actually really nice. It gives you the stats that you ask for the knowledge you want to have for the next match.”

Based on concepts originally designed to train fighter pilots, PlaySight’s smart court uses four HD cameras to monitor and automatically tag all events, be it training or a match and provide real-time data such as statistics, biomechanical analysis and 3D game management examination.

To date, there are around 130 courts fitted with the technology in 12 countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Germany, France and Israel. In the UK, PlaySight smart courts are currently installed The Queen’s Club in London and Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, but the company is looking to double the number of PlaySight courts worldwide by the end of 2015.

“When we developed this technology we saw an opportunity to create an affordable, easy-to-install, cloud-based system for athletes of all levels to improve their game,” PlaySight CEO Chen Shachar said last year. “In the same way that wearable tech devices and micro-cameras are transforming running and extreme sports, we are certain that SmartCourts will make tennis more engaging and fun.

“PlaySight combines advanced player analytics technology with video-replay and social media to deliver an exceptional experience to the world’s 100 million tennis players. It will change the way we play ball sports forever.”

PlaySight’s Vice President of Sales and Professional Services, Assaf Arbel, will be speaking at the TIA UK Summit on April 16 with his presentation titled, “Smart Court Visualisation Technology”.

“PlaySight smart court gives real-time and after-action review with complete debriefing solutions, auto stats, bio-mechanical analysis and 3D tactical game management,” explains Arbel.

“Your activity and motion during the entire match/training are automatically recorded, analyzed and uploaded into the PlaySight.com where you can review your performance and share it with your coach, friends and family.”

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