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Tennis Industry and LTA working together

The Tennis Industry Association (TIA UK) and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), are working closely together to maximise the tennis industry’s involvement, in the LTA’s ‘Transforming British Tennis Together’ (TBTT) initiative. The collaboration is focused on identifying opportunities for the industry to support TBTT projects that aim to increase participation. 

Transforming British Tennis Together was launched in 2017 and is the largest capital investment into grassroots tennis the sport has ever seen. The transformational initiative will focus on creating more usable tennis facilities by increasing the number of covered and floodlit courts, refurbishing courts, clubhouses and other social spaces and promoting the use of online booking to simplify the journey to court. 

With an expanding and diverse membership, the TIA UK’s main objective is to help grow the tennis economy by providing unique opportunities for its members. 

The 10-year TBTT programme provides a great opportunity for TIA UK to deliver a range of industry and tennis-business initiatives to support the programme’s delivery. Some of the activities already in delivery include; an annual meeting held between the racket brands and the LTA; discounted court equipment from TIA UK members for LTA Registered tennis venues; TIA UK Business of Tennis Forum to be held on 9th October 2018; collaboration on driving tennis innovation and a TIA UK members hub at the LTA’s Coaches Conference.  

Steve Matthews, Chair of TIA UK commented: “Since the formation of the TIA UK, we have always desired a strong relationship with the governing body based on working together for mutual benefits. However, rather than this being just a desire, we now have a joint agenda to help grow the industry together and to support British Tennis. The industry is fully behind the TBTT programme as it is about sustaining and growing tennis which will also benefit our member products and services. The industry looks forward to adding its value towards this exciting and extensive initiative.”

Rob Dearing, Head of Tennis Delivery and Innovation at the Lawn Tennis Association said: Over 5 million people pick up a racket every year to play tennis. Currently, over a third of possible playing hours are lost due to rain as only 7% of Britain’s 23,000 courts are covered. TBTT presents communities with a unique opportunity to develop inspiring facilities, encouraging more local people to fall in love with tennis.  The tennis industry is a critical part of the British Tennis family and we are committed to working together to grow this great sport.

For more information about Transforming British Tennis Together, please visit: www.lta.org.uk/TBTT