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TIA UK announces Gen2Group as insurance partner

We are delighted to announce a new partner for the TIA UK, Gen2 Group. Gen2Group is an integrated Insurance, Risk Management and Financial Advisory business and an exciting organisation to partner with. The elements of the group allow them to provide rounded and exceptional propositions to their clients.

Gen2 will sponsor the TIA UK’s Tennis Club Business Report 2020, this will enable TIA UK to expand this very successful piece of benchmarking and give Gen2 the best possible profile with clubs and industry members.

Steve Matthews, TIA UK Chairman commented “We are extremely pleased to partner with Gen2Group and look forward to working with them in the future”

Paul Dudley, Chairman Gen2Group commented, “We are confident the relationship with the TIA UK will be an exciting and mutually beneficial one, our strategy of working with clubs and the organisations that manufacture, install or provide services to clubs makes the TIA UK an ideal business partner for Gen2”. 

Contact Andy Fielding on 07864348553 or by email on afielding@gen2group.co.uk