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TIA UK Summit

The 2016 TIA UK Summit will take place on Thursday, April 14th at a London venue to be confirmed. The success of the 2015 event has enabled the organisers to review the timing of the event to increase the number of speakers wishing to participate.

“We are pleased to provisionally announce that Paul Burditt, Head of Insight and Planning at the LTA, will be a speaker at the 2016 Summit,” said TIA UK Business Development Manager Phil Sandilands.

“Paul will be stressing the importance of understanding the potential market to achieve a sustainable increase in tennis participation and outlining how the LTA is going about ensuring initiatives and programmes meet the needs of existing and new players.

“All companies providing products and services for the UK tennis market will benefit from Paul’s unique insight.”

Burditt has been at the LTA for two years and has a background in retail, having previously worked at Tesco and Debenhams.

“The main thing I would like to share are the key trends in participation to really unpick what is actually going on in tennis,” said Burditt.  “I don’t mean just the short-term trends, I mean really looking at the long term and trying to extract who is playing and where they are playing, and also who is not playing and the reasons for that.

“I’d also turn it on its head and really talk about the opportunites for growth because certainly what is really exciting for British tennis in terms of the LTA’s participation strategy is we believe we can see the opportunities for growth and we know the audiences who are ready to grow.

“I’ll be giving a flavour of who those people are and then really help people understand their needs so the industry can understand what people out there in the world really want, not just our core club players.”

Further details of speakers and arrangements will be announced shortly.

The annual TIA UK Summit is the only ‘Business of Tennis’ event of its kind in the UK. To register your interest in attending please e-mail Gilly English.