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TIA UK has a wealth of information on the UK tennis industry and related tennis issues. Most of the information is provided free of charge but some is only available through membership of the TIA UK. 

If we don’t have the information you need, we will probably be able to signpost you to someone who does!

Participation and Statistics

How Healthy is your Club BusinessTIA UK Webinar 2020

LTA – Tennis Opening Up? LTA Presentation
Chris Pollard, Abbie Lench and Tom Murray (Business of Tennis Forum 2019)

Global Fitness & Health Trends
David Minton, CEO Leisure Database Company (Business of Tennis Forum 2019)

Understanding the Market: Sport, Activity and Behaviour in a Changing World
Paul Burditt, Head of Insight and Strategy LTA at Business of Tennis Forum 2018

Tennis in Britain – rising to the challenge?
Paul Burditt, Head of Insight and Strategy, LTA at Business of Tennis Forum 2017

The State of Tennis in UK and Europe
Ed Willis, SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC at Business of Tennis Forum 2017

Growing the Game – Challenges and Opportunities
Paul Burditt, Head of Insight and Strategy, LTA at Business of Tennis Forum 2016

Who Plays Tennis?
Adult Segmentation – LTA publication – February 2016

Trends in Tennis Playing
John Bushell, SPORTS MARKETING  SURVEYS INC. at Business of Tennis Forum 2015

Tennis Facts and Figures 2015 – extract from European Tennis Association Report

Courts and Equipment

De-mystifying Racket StringsTIA UK Webinar 2021

Thinking Padel?
Andy Burrell, Managing Director Chiltern Sports (Business of Tennis Forum 2019)

Trends and Advances in Tennis Courts
Tim Freeman, Sport and Play Construction Association at 2016 Business of Tennis Forum

“Oh no you don’t!” How the ITF protects the integrity of tennis
Dr Stuart Miller, International Tennis Federation at 2015 Business of Tennis Forum

Indoor Tennis Structures
LTA Guidance Note

Floodlighting Outdoor Courts
LTA Guidance Note October 2012

Key Dimensions Court Guidance
LTA Guidance Note

Innovation and Technology

Making tennis more accessible through innovationTIA UK Webinar 2020

What can we learn from Golf?
Anthony Franklin, Founder, fibodo at Business of Tennis Forum 2016

Marketing and Sponsorship

How to ACE your brand protection TIA UK Webinar 2021

Stop Talking Tennis!
Kirsty Mac, Raise the Bar, at Business of Tennis Fourm 2018

Transforming Digitally to Connect with New Audiences
Helena Raven, Head of Marketing and Digital, LTA at Business of Tennis Fourm 2018

Working in a commercially challenging landscape
James Mercer, Commercial Director, LTA at Business of Tennis Forum 2017

Social Media Marketing for Business
Stephen Brewin, iB3 at Business of Tennis Forum 2016

Operations and Coaching

How to win and manage parks tennis contractsTIA UK Webinar 2020

Grow your club through investment in tennis coachesTIA UK Webinar 2020

Making a positive environmental impactTIA UK Webinar 2020

New insight on managing riskTIA UK Webinar 2020

Your most valuable asset? The evolving relationship between club and coach.
Mike Lynch, CEO Servesport (Business of Tennis Forum 2019)

Commerical Contracts and Sponsorship Agreements in the Sports Industry

Jonathan Askin, Head of Commercial Law BLM (Business of Tennis Forum 2019

Staff Recruitment – your obligations under the Bribery Act 2010
Iskander Fernandez BLM London (Business of Tennis Forum 2019)

How GLL is helping to grow tennis
Barry Cawte, National Tennis Manager, Greenwich Leisure Limited at Business of Tennis Forum 2017

The Positive Impact of Disability Tennis
The Tennis Foundation April 2017

Public sector challenges, aka Swimming against the tide…
Jeff Hunter, Premier Tennis at Business of Tennis Forum 2016